Posted by: 2russ | May 13, 2011

Bicycles Built for Two People, One Dog, and no Headgear! What?

We met the nicest people!  Don’t we every day?  These were people on bicycles. They weren’t wearing headgear, but they commented on the “nice old dog!

There we were, a couple of editors and ones with a dog walking assignment!  The bicyclists passed us but we caught up to them as they had stopped to chat with an old friend of ours!

Just how did our friend “arrest” them.  The people on bikes were from Canada!  Our friend is not Canadian.

This time the Canadians got to give hugs and kisses to the “old” dog!

I told the couple: To keep up with this “beautiful place”, (their words), visit the fluffi lummi site often!

Just search fluffi lummi on the internet with your search engine of choice!

Maybe our friend is part Canadian!  We are now planning a dinner with her.

We will find out!

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