Posted by: 2russ | July 23, 2013

Loss and Walking On


For a long time it took all of our strength to simply put one foot in front of the other, and walk.

Where were we walking?  We had to perform certain responsibilities; go to work, pay bills, get supplies, cook and eat.

And when your mind is dwelling on loss, what are you really doing?  You’ll never be whole again, or all there again.  And you see others, who you believe – based on their behaviors or their happy-go-lucky looking attitude – have never experienced loss on the level of your loss; losing a child, or a spouse – way too early.  

Divorce is a death, too.  It just symbolizes failure.  It just didn’t work.

We experience our parents and what our siblings endure.  We know our own mortality somewhat more, for it.  Parenting shocks you into realizing your own mortality.  

Having friendly eyes watching over you is comforting.  As I lay down dying, a little each day, knowing my friend’s smile, kind eyes and sharing, caring and memorializing sense of life –  buoys me.  Knowing we are in this together is a blessing – one that churns fondness, fickleness and forgiveness.

It could be said: I love that, or, I love it, or you.  It could be said….

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