Posted by: 2russ | August 16, 2014

Scott Cossu Concert

My Octogenarian friend leaned closely and whispered: My friend in Arizona has massaged thousands to “Autumn.” And with that Scott Cossu rocked on! This was the scene at LICC, the church on Lummi Island. Scott mused that some of his Jellyroll and Boogie Woogie was close to Rock ‘n Rolfing! But more than performing Windham Hill foam, sea and new age music-to-unwind to, Mr. Cossu really entertained a full house at the church on Friday, August 15 with variety. Happiness simply exuded throughout, – sometimes with toe-tapping, sometimes with hand-clapping and even some dance was seen.
Rolf and Mambo. Equally influenced by Chopin and Pink Floyd, Scott Cossu came out with a nice mix from his latest Record: Jazz, Boogie & Deja Blues. He lit our fire!
Like me, Scott Cossu thought Jimmy Dorsey was mom and pop’s man! But Scott has given him another chance, satisfyingly discovering that the big band leader could do the boogie, too! Performing Dorsey’s “JD’s Boogie” was one of those times last night that the piano was rocking as much as was the audience! Scott played two sets. Within his sets, He played two-song “mini” sets like connotative word pairs, mostly. Variously each pair would complement; then contrast. In his style he would take the mini to a bridge, the flautist would change instruments, and the second piece would begin. And the endings were tight! And, they were just right. Ringing! Ringing to applause from a most appreciative islander audience. It was an educated crowd. Many remembered the Windham Hill days of the 1980’s. We even had a handful of under 25 folk enjoying the acoustics, the ambiance and the warmth of a church concert.
Two standing ovations later, everyone got to meet and greet Scott and his accompanist (on flute, harmonica, and sax), John Croarkin, in the social hall for some sugar and caffeine, or herbal tea, if you are into new age stuff. Most wanted to get laced up to try to stay up on witticisms to and fro. Scott will be back. He loves islands. We loved his music, this night! Another brick in the wall! Chopin did not meet Pink Floyd this night, and Chopin probably wouldn’t have joined the band: he did not like to perform. He would have enlisted Liszt! Liszt was the Michael Jackson of his day: The first rock star!
We had a little rock star action last night! Scott Cossu and John Croarkin. Rockin’ Salsa and Whipped Cream – and a few other delights! Maybe it should be called Windham Swell, or Windham Sail!


  1. “He loves Islands” – good Jam from above

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