Posted by: 2russ | October 4, 2017




Shouts… are Freedoms – asking for the right to be heard;

And when they are angry shouts, they hurt.

“Sorry!” is a good response after the fact;

And if you say it, mean it, for you have

To hear the forgiveness response that comes next:



Freedom’s ring has the effect of a thrown stone’s impact on a pond:

Ripples on the surface.

After the stone is thrown,

The ripples begin, and go in all directions.  Slowly, the

Ripples subside, until another disturbance again breaks the tranquility of the water’s



By letting Freedom ring, we see, we feel – the depth, the feeling, the emotion of what was

Pent-up and is now out: Potential energy

Rippling its way along,

Touching every shore – and everyone on the shore.





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