Posted by: 2russ | October 24, 2017



Have courage to know that when you are dealt a blow, it can be overcome.  It hurts both physically and emotionally and your will can be tested.

Courage means that you stand up and take a step forward, even if slowly at first.  Courage is to be brave amid criticism.  When you experience self-doubt, do not blame yourself – but love yourself.

Courage is standing up to bullies.  Find a strong way around so that they do not out gun you, out shout you, out flank you, put you down, take from you.

Courage can come in many colors.  Sometimes you can think strongly.  Sometimes it is necessary to write your feelings out.  Perhaps a change of scenery is what is needed.  Sometimes you need to get active and go out and get stronger.

If you do not feel well, it is difficult to think about courage.  It is hard to get up!  It is hard to get started.

Seeking out a friend or an associate or a family member can provide the needed strength that allows your courage to build and remain.

Adversity is always there; take heart that your courage is as well.

We are all given our hand of cards and some have different hands than others.  So, courage is relative – relative to the hand you are dealt.

Travel is a good way to understand the plight of others.  Get out and see.  If you have courage, you can heal many things in yourself and in others.  Courage is a concept and a real entity, simultaneously.

Pursue it and attain it and then exercise it:  Courage is like a friend.  Develop the relationship and the benefit is yours.  It is not easy, but feeling abused or discriminated against hurts, and there are many antidotes to troubles.

One is to be brave, to be strong, to keep thinking and to be courageous – even if it is simply an internal courage, a faith and a belief in oneself, in your God, and in people, animals, and all living creatures – and in love for your loved ones – and with love for yourself.

Have courage and be compassionate with it.

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