Fluffi Lummi is about fluff of all kinds.  In fact it is really a magazine for contributors. Perhaps you!  Just leave a comment and your piece can be submitted.  Of course we would like you to put some thought into your composition, and the editors would have the final say.

Our categories are:  The Daily Fluff, which is probably not daily, but it could be timely; People, where an article could be biographic; Topsy Turvy, where opposite opinions and viewpoints are aired; Stories and other Fluff include short narratives, poems, and occasional trifles; Art & Culture will promote or review Music, Art, and other Happenings; Our Natural World will highlight just that, our very special jewel of nature and our natural paradise; Personal Aflufinance, will talk passionately about money, stuff, and enough other fluff to blow you away; Fluff Enough is the  fluffi lummi editors’ bully pulpit on fluff matters, fluffy or not!

Are you Flummoxed?  Are your Feathers Ruffled?  Write your own fluff here!

By all means enjoy fluffi lummi whether you are a reader or a writer.   Just jump in and hang on to the latest fluffy cloud available in the world of cloud computing.  It’s free, and this cloud is wispy, and it’s a sunny day, here on fluffi lummi!

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