Posted by: 2russ | October 24, 2017

New Song Of October –

New Song of October – A little dark.


October has no reason for being: It’s no longer summer for you and

Winter’s not here.

October does not announce the

Killing to come, in winter;

It teases.  Sunny October brings wind that

Blows leaves into eyes.  Debris lands in our hair.

Our blown hair, now in the way, waits for rain.

Trees give up leaves, and coolness calls out.


Crisp cold tells nothing. It simply makes us change our clothes

From Bareness showing, to shorn Fur.

October is a scare!  The colors of fall, we revere. Leaves are red, like blood; Black, like death;

Purple, like the blue with the lack of air.

Lips are pursed not allowing anything in or out, while we wait for October’s words.

Summer and its Sun held leaves green.  And in October

We still have to wait for winter’s cold, crisp, dormant sleep giving – rest.

So what of October, so loved?  It is the first whole month of fall.

It shines and rains, though not at the same time.


October is round like a pumpkin.  October does nothing:  It has things done to it.  It is not September,

Nor is it November.

No wonder Halloween likes you, poor October, you let Halloween do whatever it wants to do!

You do nothing and become our favorite month.

April south of the equator, you are the same.

April and October, two pregnant friends, birth a winter,

That once born becomes a time for nursing, quietude, and the joy of new life to come, in spring, in

Green.   But that is not you, October.  #

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